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Sheet Metal Rapid Prototyping

Able produce high quality sheet metal prototypes and mass production.Our sheet metal rapid prototyping and rapid production services include a variety of tooled and manual manufacturing techniques and processes enabling us to realise some highly complex parts without expensive and time consuming production tooling.We offers a variety of capabilities involving sheet metal such as Intricate metal forming,Shearing,CNC bending,CNC Punching,CNC Laser Cutting,Wire EDM and Welding.Common operations for sheet metal parts include drilling,tapping,counter boring and countersinking and surface finishing including plating,polishing and sanding brushing.Our team of highly experienced craftsmen have been manipulating sheet metal for years and come from a wide range of backgrounds.


AL,SPTE,SGCC,SECC,SPCC,SPHC,CU,Stainless Steel,Cold Rolled Steel (CRS),Hot Rolled Steel (HRS),Copper, Brass,Silver,Zinc etc.

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