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CNC Machining

CNC Machining - Rapid Prototype Machined Parts, Rapid Production Machined Parts

At Henry Prototype, we believe in taking complex, intricate projects and making them a reality. Deliver ability is key with our customers and our CNC machining service will ensure your product gets to market more efficiently. We invest in the latest machines to ensure even your most complex CNC projects can be delivered on time and within budget. We possess some of the most powerful CNC equipment in the world and our 3 axis and 5 axis machines provide our customers with many material options.

Quantity Of Equipment:70 PC
Maximum Size:2800mmx 1200mmx 550mm
Processing Material Plastic:ABS,PMMA,POM,PC,PP,PBT,PE,PA+GF,ABS+GF,PC+GF etc.
Processing Material Hardware:AL,Brass,Copper,Steel,Iron,Zinc Alloy,Magnesium alloy etc.
Other Special Materials:Carbon Fiber,Foam,Wood etc.



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