Vacuum Casting

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Vacuum Casting

The perfect solution for one offs in silicone or rubber, parts with complex geometries and low volume production runs or multiple prototypes, vacuum or urethane (RTV) casting has become the industry standard. Henry Prototypes has been working with vacuum casting technology since our opening day and offer high quality cast urethane parts which look, feel and act like production parts in rapid times.At Henry Prototypes, we believe in taking complex, intricate projects and making them a reality.

Technical Parameters Of Vacuum Casting

Materials: Massive range of PU resins to choose from, POM, ABS, PP, PC,heat-resistant ABS etc.
Applicable Mold: Silicone mold (life 10-20 pieces)
Casting Material: two-component polyurethane PU.
Physical Properties: Similar to ABS, PP, nylon, PMMA ,PC transparent parts, soft rubber pieces, heat-resistant(150 ℃)etc.
General Working hours: 1-4 hours / piece
Standard Copy Accuracy: ± 0.20mm / 100mm
Pouring Sample Thickness: Min 0.5mm, preferably 1.5mm-5mm

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